Samaksan Mountain (삼악산 (춘천))

  • Samaksan Mountain (삼악산 (춘천))


Samaksan Mountain, paralleling to Uiamho Lake and the Bukhangang River, is one of the best scenic mountains in Chuncheon. As the mountain (san) comprises three rocky peaks (samak), which are Yonghwabong (main peak, 654 m), Cheongunbong (546 m), and Deungseonbong (632 m), it was named Samaksan Mountain. Although it is not a high and majestic mountain, it is considered a mountain with splendid scenery. Samaksan Mountain embraces a fantastic gorge formed through quartzitic jointing and waterfalls. Waterfalls in different sizes, such as Deungseon Falls, Seunghak Falls, and Juryeom Falls, create the splendid landscape, and the top of the mountain commands a panoramic view of downtown Chuncheon along with Uiamho Lake and the Bukhangang River. As its name tells, Samaksan Mountain is known for its rugged and precipitous features (aksan meaning a rugged, rocky mountain). The main access road to the mountain starts from the Deungseon Falls’ ticket booth and the Uiam Ticket Booth, and the trail from Uiam covers a hard, rocky section. As Gangwon-do Monument No. 16, Samaksan Mountain also has various interesting attractions, including Sangwonsa Temple, Heungguksa Temple, and Samaksanseong Fortress.



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Hiking Course
[Course 1]
Uiam Dam - Sangwonsa Temple – Cheolgyedan Stairs - Samaksan Mountain – Heungguksa Temple - Deungseonpokpo Falls (Distance 3.9km / Travel time: approx. 2 hrs 5 min)

[Course 2]
Gangchongyo Bridge – Amneung Tomb – Deungseonbong Peak – 619-bong Peak - Heungguksa Temple - Deungseonpokpo Falls (Distance 4.5km / Travel time: approx. 2 hrs 55 min)

[Course 3]
Uiam Dam - Samaksan Mountain - 564-bong Peak - Deungseonbong Peak - Gangchongyo Bridge (Distance 5.8km / Travel time: approx. 3 hrs 55min)

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